Vantage Pointe is a specialized boutique firm offering Strategic Advisory for developers, entrepreneurs and family offices. Our strength and expertise lay in golf developments (private club, residential and resort) as well

as its related branding, positioning and business modeling.  


 Increasingly, when presented with opportunities to collaborate with like-mined individuals from other industries, we also do successfully extend our advisory services when the fit is right. 



Strategic Advisory

Born from our expertise in the golf and sports management industries, we provide subject matter expertise in all golf verticals. We collaborate with our clients and partners to customize our services to fit your specific needs. 

Collaborative Advisory

Tap our vast industry network which has been curated throughout 30 years of engagement within the international community. This network encompasses experienced development partners, lifestyle brands, the selection of professional design & management expertise, introduction and negotiation with global sport event promoters and ambassadors and more. All in order to plan, execute and differentiate your product. 

Specialist Consulting

Sometimes your project or business will benefit from highly focused and specialized “project work”. This may take the form of a strategic review of your business model or requiring third party expertise to support and articulate your vision.  We will work with you in defining these specialist needs and then propose and execute a solution that meets your objectives.