Specialist Consulting

A selection of the solutions we can offer from our Specialist Consulting expertise:


 Business Model Review and Planning 


This involves a holistic review of your current commercial situation along with market positioning to identify misalignments and areas of missed opportunities. If desired, the service can be expanded to also include recommendations for corrective action and strategies for overall business improvement.  


 Membership Branding, Positioning, Sales and Marketing 


Membership sales are often the lifeblood of golf clubs. We can collaborate with you either on the initial launch plan as it relates to your product, positioning and pricing or we can deliver a strategic review of your current plan and provide verifiable actions that can result in a positive uptrend in sales. 


 Acquisition, Mergers and Divesture 


We have expertise to assess and advise on opportunities within the golf and resort space. Plan for opportunities long before they arise, and build a repeatable acquisition model. Alternatively, help you attain the highest possible value from a divestiture. 


 Project Management Consultancy  


We often consult as the critical liaison between the developer, architect and the construction company to ensure an on-time and on-budget progress to the desired specifications. This specialist consulting is essentially to act as the Owner’s appointed subject matter expert representative.  


 Due Diligence 


We can oversee the formation and direction of the professional team of experts required for a variety of confidential due diligence applications. We will assist in the strategic review of the asset and provide and independent assessment of its likely future performance under a number of different marketing or operating scenarios.