Collaborative Advisory


A selection of the solutions we can offer from our Collaborative Advisory expertise:


 Event and Sports Marketing 


We can help your brand or property connect with the passions of consumers through internationally-known lifestyle and sporting events. Additionally we can guide you to create and own your own sports property or activating sponsorships. Ideally we work to ensure your brands stand out and connect emotionally with your identified audience. 


 Design and Development 


Introduction, sourcing and management of the collaboration process of resort master planners, golf course designers and building architects presented to you from our global network of recognized professionals. We can also work with you to ensure alignment of your already appointed expert consultants. 


 Joint Ventures 


We have expertise in advising you on structuring joint ventures and building the internal capabilities you need to maximize the value of joint ventures and alliances. We can provide introduction to value-adding brand partners, depending upon the marketing needs or revenue goals of your enterprise.  


 Board or Developer Group Presentations 


Often times, third party subject matter experts can strategically assist you to achieve your goals as an unbiased expert in the field. We can deliver a professional presentation to the Board that provides an assessment of the current state of your industry, the general environment in which you operate and our first impression opinions your facility. Will also outline and present a high-level review of operating results and potential opportunities.